People’s Forum on BRICS: Call for participation & registration of panels

18th -22nd October, 2021; India

Register for organising panels  on various thematic areas by 24th of September, 2021. 

The People’s BRICS Forum 2021 is being convened  to articulate people’s agenda and learn from each other. As the People’s BRICS  will be organised online, we encourage various progressive civil society organisations people’s movements and, trade unions across BRICS nations to come onboard to organize panels under the following overarching thematic areas –

  • BRICS, Pandemic, and Disaster Resilience  ( health policy, vaccine policy, Intellectual property rights- vaccine & treatment, employment, disaster resilience)
  • BRICS Geo-economics &  Economic Partnerships (Upcoming WTO negotiations, SDR and Debt issues, Global Value chains, Finance and Banking , Trade, Taxation, International Financial Institutions)
  • Geo-politics and BRICS (Cooperation among nations, debating the BRICS geopolitical system, maritime infrastructure, coastal governance)
  • BRICS, Energy, Climate change and Natural Resources (Climate change, just transitions, questions of energy, renewables, fossil fuels, energy poverty, climate change finance, biodiversity finance, natural asset valuation)
  • BRICS and Gender (women and economic empowerment, access to productive resources, women and IFIs, sustainable work and decent livelihoods, discrimination and violence)
  • BRICS and Labour Rights (future of work, question of labor value, informality and precarity, social security, pension fund, fair wages, migration, basic income debate, employment)
  • BRICS and Social Justice (race, class, caste, sexual minorities, disability and other vulnerable groups)

Please submit  your proposal  or expression of interest to hold panels under the aegis/banner of People’s BRICS Forum 2021 either individually or as a collective of organisations. 

  • Consider hosting and co-hosting a panel on the themes mentioned above. Please fill out the form for organising panels(link above) to collaborate on organising sessions by 24th of September, 2021. 
  • Write for us at – In the spirit of having a diverse set of progressive voices, we welcome you or a group from your organisation to write position papers, issue papers, briefing notes, literature reviews, background papers and blog for us. This could be done individually or collectively. The submissions can be made in any language. 

Important dates:

Announcement for People’s BRICS Forum10th September, 2021
Call for Participation and Registration of Panels Open 14th September, 2021
Deadline for Panel Proposals 24th September, 2021
Finalisation of proposals 27th-30th September, 2021
Announcement  of programme 3rd October, 2021

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