The Forced Evictions Across India and G20 Events

In recent months, the upcoming G20 summit has sparked a wave of evictions in various regions of India, including Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, Mahabalipuram, and more. While the authorities argue that these evictions are necessary for the sake of development and to ensure a smooth hosting of the international event, it is crucial to shed light on the severe consequences faced by the most marginalized members of society. Street vendors, slum dwellers, farmers, and homeless shelter survivors are disproportionately bearing the brunt of these eviction drives, leaving them in dire circumstances and challenging their very livelihoods.

This collection of testimonies aims to bring forth the voices of those directly affected by the recent evictions across different parts of the country. By sharing their personal experiences, struggles, and aspirations, we seek to raise awareness about the human impact of these eviction drives, highlighting the urgent need for a more sustainable and inclusive approach to development in India.

The individuals most affected by these evictions are often labeled as the “unfit” or “undesirable” segment of the urban landscape, perpetuating social stigma and neglecting their basic rights. Street vendors, who play a vital role in the local economy, have been dislocated from their established business spots, which served as their primary source of income. These hardworking individuals are now left without any means to support their families, plunging them further into the cycle of poverty and vulnerability.

Read the dossier here: The Forced Evictions Across India and G20 Events


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