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Peoples’ Convention on Infrastructure Financing

AIIB – Designs and Facilitation to Capital Exploitation

Big Infrastructure and their adverse impacts on India’s Forest Working People

How Infrastructure is Redefining Coasts and Livelihoods – A Fishers Response to Sagarmala

How IFIs Impact Livelihood of Unorganised Labour and Hawkers

Infrastructure and Development – Case of Amravati Capital City

Challenging Legal Impunity Granted to IFIs

Growing Web of Industrial Corridors in India

AIIB and Interventions in Blue Economy

IFIs Prepetuate Social Inequities and Economic Disparities

Smart cities and Mega Infrastructure projects

Urban Infrastructure Investment and Public Accountability

Awadhesh Kumar of Srijan Lokhit Samiti speaking on the need to engage the wider audience on finance.

Magline P on the the impact of the infrastructure projects on women and how do they fight back.

Vishwas Utagi on Why the Government must Strengthen the Public Sector Banks?

Raju Bhise on What is Development for Ordinary Citizens?

T Peter on Who Benefits from the Coastal Infrastructure?

Ecological Civilisation is the Need of the Hour: Prof. H.M. Deserda

Alternative Infrastructure Financing from the Peoples’ Perspective: Prafulla Samantra

Ashok Chaudhary on the Loot in the Name of Development

Workshop on Water for Life, Not Profit: IFIs in Urban Water Supply [Discussants: Moderator: Afsar Jafri (Focus on Global South) Speakers: Rehmat (Manthan), Benny Kuruvila (TNI), Gaurav Dwivedi (CFA), Sitaram Shelar (Pani Haq Samiti)]

Prof. Arun Kumar on who is this Model of Economic Growth for?

The Key Infrastructure Projects are Anti-people: Medha Patkar

The Infra being Pushed is not what the People Demand: Ulka Mahajan

 Sucheta Dalal on the Growing Crisis in the Indian Banking Sector

Sucheta Dalal on the Growing Crisis in the Indian Banking Sector

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