Resources for the Peoples Convention on Infrastructure Financing, organised in the context of Third AGM of the AIIB:

Mumbai Resolution of the People’s Convention on Infrastructure Financing

Invitation Brochure (हिंदी)

Concept Note

AIIB – A Sneak Peek into Challenges (हिंदी)

Booklet: Infrastructure and AIIB, the new Infra Bank

AIIB Agenda and Ambition

Schedule of the Workshops


An Indian Perspective on New Development Bank & Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (July 2018)

AIIB and the Blue Economy (June 2018)

Mumbai Resolution of the People’s Convention on Infrastructure Financing

Risky venture The AIIB’s hands-off approach to funding infrastructure in India (June 2018)

इंफ़्रास्ट्रक्चर निवेश: विकास या विनाश (जून 2018)

Why should Indian people care about AIIB? (June 2018)

भारतीय जनसमूहों के लिए  एआईआईबी की चुनौतियाँ (जून 2018)

भारत में जलविद्युत विकास को बड़े पैमाने पर बढ़ावा (जून 2018)

Big Push for the Development of Hydropower in India (June 2018)

‘Innovative Financing’ of Bangalore Metro (May 2018)

The Trends in Hydro Power Financing in India (May 2018)

Scaling Up Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals: Experimenting with Models of Multilateral Development Banking (April 2018)

CSOs Oppose AIIB’s Plan to Allow Management to Approve Projects (April 2018)

Statement from Concerned Civil Society on the AIIB’s Accountability Framework (April 2018)

Tentacles of the International Finance in India (March 2018)

Huge Overlap in Investments by MDBs, ExIM Banks, and Bilaterals on Critical Sectors (March 2018)

New Report Warns AIIB to do Due Diligence before Investing in NIIF (March 2018)

The AIIB’s Investments in Financial Intermediaries: CSOs Call for Disclosure and Accountability (January 2018)

CSOs Call for Accountability and Disclosure from AIIB on its FI Investments (January 2018)

AIIB Chronicle: China’s Ambition Behind Infrastructure Investment (March 2017)

Financial Analysis of the Blue Economy: Sagarmala’s Case in Point (October 2017)

The New Development Bank (NDB) vs The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): An analytical comparison from a critical perspective (October 2017)

A first-hand report from the AIIB’s Second Annual Board of Governors Meeting at Jeju (July 2017)

What the AIIB Can Do for the Multilateral System (July 2017)

What’s Simmering Under The Blue Green City: The case study on Amaravati Sustainable Capital City Development (July 2017)

Risky Business: Will the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank choose to avoid funding coal in India? (June 2017)

FAQ on BRICS, NDB & AIIB (December 2016)

विकास का भ्रमजाल: ऊर्जा सुरक्षा के नाम पर प्राकृतिक संसाधनों की लूट (अक्टूबर 2016)

The New Development Banks: Why AIIB and NDB should be Monitored (October 2016)

क्लीन लीन एंड ग्रीन? एशिया इन्फ़्रस्ट्रक्चर बैंक के बारे में संक्षिप्त विवरण (जून 2016)

Clean, Lean, and Green? A Short Briefing on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (June 2016)