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Case Study on India’s Experience with Independent Accountability Mechanisms (September 2018)

Mumbai Resolution of the People’s Convention on Infrastructure Financing (June 2018)

भारत में जलविद्युत विकास को बड़े पैमाने पर बढ़ावा (जून 2018)

Big Push for the Development of Hydropower in India (June 2018)

Scaling Up Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals: Experimenting with Models of Multilateral Development Banking (April 2018)

Tentacles of the International Finance in India (March 2018)

Huge Overlap in Investments by MDBs, ExIM Banks, and Bilaterals on Critical Sectors (March 2018)

IMF and World Bank: Marching to a G20 Tune? (November 2017)

What’s Simmering Under The Blue Green City: The case study on Amaravati Sustainable Capital City Development (July 2017)



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