Demolitions & Displacement of Poor Around G20 Events Cruel and Brutal!

A public hearing addressing the pressing issue of forced evictions in India took place on 22nd May at Surjeet Bhawan, New Delhi. Organized by Concerned Citizens, a collective of organisations from varied fields, the public hearing was to shed light on the unjust evictions taking place across the country, particularly targeting farmers, street vendors, waste pickers, and residents of bastis, as part of the preparations for the G20 summit and the beautification of cities.


The Forced Evictions Across India and G20 Events

In recent months, the upcoming G20 summit has sparked a wave of evictions in various regions of India, including Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, Mahabalipuram, and more. While the authorities argue that these evictions are necessary for the sake of development and to ensure a smooth hosting of the international event, it is crucial to …

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Public Statement by Indian people’s movements, trade unions and other civil society groups on G20

India’s presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20) comes at a critical juncture; even as the  pandemic wanes, geopolitical tensions between the US and China could spiral into a possible military confrontation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is now entering into its second year with little signs of resolution. Economists have been warning of an imminent recession in 2023 as also a deepening of the food crisis.

IMF and World Bank: Marching to a G20 Tune?

By Nancy Alexander This year, the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting on October 12-13 overlapped with the IMF-World Bank annual meeting on October 13-15 in Washington, DC. As of December 1, 2017, Argentina becomes G20 President with the past and future Presidents (Germany and Japan, respectively) as part of the G20 Troika.  …

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